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The VillasInformation on check-in procedures at Machidonya


➢ Check-in Time: From 15:00 ➢ Check-out Time: Until 10:00

Identity Verification & Key Pickup

  1. Identity verification using the reservation reception number will be done for key box number guidance. As your stay date approaches, a C-mail from the number 090-3797-9856 will be sent. Please reply with your reservation number.

  2. The key is obtained from the key box next to the villa entrance. The lodging details, parking number, and key box number will be sent via C-mail from 090-3797-9856 by 15:00 on your stay day. If not received, please contact us for a phone update.

  3. Upon checking out, please return the key to the key box and notify us through C-mail or phone. During your stay, leave the key in the room.

Parking Information

Please park in front of each accommodation building:

  • Fukumune → No. 1

  • Treasure Mune → No. 2

  • Star Mune → No. 3

  • Coral Mune → No. 5 For additional cars, a second parking lot (1-minute walk, with local information board) near the villa is available.

Barbecue Guidelines (No Reservation Required)

Equipment: BBQ stove (L62cm x W30, for charcoal), mesh, iron plate.

  • Nets are available but not new; bringing your own is recommended.

  • Prepare charcoal, ignition agents, barbecue ingredients, seasonings, etc.

  • No roof, so not usable in rainy weather.

Access Information (Map Code: 553 075 898*77)

Address: Motobucho Ishikawa 894-1 (next to Hotel Yugaf Inn Bise) If using car navigation, search for [Hotel Yugaf Inn Bise (0980-48-4388 / 1147-1 Aza Bise, Motobu-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa)].

Villa Usage Guidelines (Please Review)

★ Record names, body temperatures (non-contact thermometers available at entrance), addresses, etc. of all guests. ★ Dispose of garbage near Fukumune during checkout to prevent disease spread. ★ No use of BBQ stove on benches due to resin pedestal (melting risk). ★ Extinguish BBQ fire after use; do not bring used charcoal indoors. ★ Wash dishes and BBQ stove before returning to original places. ★ Place used towels in basket; futons and sheets on tatami mats/beds. ★ Turn off lights, close doors/windows, return key to box during checkout. ★ Smoking is prohibited in villa building.

Nearby Shopping Store Information

  • Lawson Ocean Expo Park Front Store (2-minute walk from Machidonya)

  • Town Plaza Kanehide Tobu

  • V21 Motobu Food Hall

  • The Big Express Motobu

Nearby Restaurant Information

  • Kaihomaru, Fisherman Restaurant

  • Sushi and Kuroge Wagyu Beef Chinuman Churaumi Aquarium Front Store

  • Restaurant Yamachan

  • Churaumi Taro

  • Steakhouse 88

  • Yakiniku Motobu Bokujo Headquarters

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