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Fees & Cancellation Policy

The displayed price (including tax) is applicable for one group and one building.

National Travel Support Discount

For guests staying between 2023/1/10 (Tue) and 3/31 (Fri):

The National Travel Discount will not be applied at the time of reservation completion. After making a reservation, please visit the external site "STAYNAVI" using the link below to generate the accommodation discount coupon.

▼ STAY NAVI login screen (accommodation discount coupon issuance page) [Link:]

We recommend printing out the accommodation discount coupon or using screen captures on smartphones. Additionally, please ensure to bring ID cards and vaccination certificates for all participants during check-in.

Reservation and Group Size

  • Children under elementary school age who do not require individual bedding (bedding, sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, face towels, bath towels, toothbrush sets) when sleeping together will not be charged for up to 3 children.

  • Enter the number of children sharing a bed in the "Children" column.

  • For those not co-sleeping, enter the number of people in the "Adult" column when making a reservation.

  • Children requiring individual bedding will be counted as one person in the capacity, so enter their count in the "Adults" field.

Offline Payment Method

For nationwide travel support discount application between 2023/1/10 (Tue) and 3/31 (Fri), choose the "offline" payment option. Payment will be made locally during check-in.

Offline Payment for Non-Discount Eligible Reservations

After completing the reservation, transfer half or all of the accommodation fee to the designated bank account within one week. Details will be provided in the acceptance notification email and further outlined in the "reservation confirmation" email.

  • If you've paid half, transfer the remaining amount at least 3 days before your stay.

Transfer Destination Account Details

Bank: Japan Post Bank Store Name: 708 (Nana Zero Hachi) Store Number: 708 Deposit Type: Ordinary deposit Account Number: 0643548 Name: Yanbaru Resort

For Symbol Number Transfers:

Bank: Japan Post Bank Symbol: 17010 Number: 6435481 Name: Yanbaru Resort

  • Ensure timely payment confirmation to avoid cancellations or prioritize other reservations.

  • Please contact us in case of payment delays.

  • Notify us regarding cancellations or date changes.

  • Bank transfer fees are the customer's responsibility.

  • If the payer's name differs from the applicant's, please inform us.

  • No need to confirm transfer completion with us.

  • Cancellation refunds follow the cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation charges are as follows:

  • Up to 2 weeks before stay: Free of charge

  • 2 weeks to 2 days before stay: 30% of accommodation fee

  • The day before stay: 50% of accommodation fee

  • Accommodation date: 100% of accommodation fee

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